Aran Group Now Producing Bags in US

GREER, SC | Aran Group now manufactures high-performance bags for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and bag-in-box (BIB) applications in the US through its Aran U.S.A. division. The Israeli packaging company recently completed a $5.2 million investment in a new production facility in Greer, SC, is now fully operational, and has strategically placed warehouse and distribution centers in California and in Ontario, Canada.

“We sell products in over 40 countries worldwide and our new plant and two distribution centers enable us to provide faster service and support our customers across the Americas,” says Felix Mallul, Aran’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Aran provides specially engineered bags from one quart to 300 gal or more for aseptic and non-aseptic packaging of fruits and vegetables, purees, sauces and condiments, dairy products, liquid eggs, edible oils, wines, and water. In industries like food and beverage, where protecting perishable ingredients and nutritional values take precedence, Aran engineers and produces optimal bags, laminates, and fitments said to maximize freshness and preservation while ensuring safe transportation.

A long-time customer, The Morning Star Company—a tomato processor of high quality pastes, sauces, purees, and diced tomatoes—uses Aran’s 55- and 300-gal paste bags to ship tomato paste, its leading product, to customers around the world. The metallized barrier bags are aseptically filled and sealed with the Franrica closure. This reportedly ensures that Morning Star’s tomato paste keeps its consistency from the time of processing and helps protect critical characteristics of the preservative-free tomato paste, which include color, flavor, texture, and pH.

“Although Aran has recently expanded production to the United States, we have been working with the company for over ten years,” says Rob Salinas, Packaging Innovation and Engineering, The Morning Star Company. “We appreciate Aran’s proactive services such as continually bringing us new ideas and innovation to further protect our products, improve logistics to speed deliveries to market and enhance our operations. Now that Aran is manufacturing here in the States, we know our collaboration will be even stronger."

Mati Karni, head of business development for Aran U.S.A., says, “To help processors and packagers achieve the best engineered shelf-life solution for their liquid products, we offer a three-step Brand Protection Assessment Process. This process provides custom recommendations to best support shelf-life requirements, controlled filling and dispensing, transportation efficiencies, improved sustainability scores, and reductions in total systems costs.

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