Cortec Desicorr Pouches NW Protect Sensitive Devices

ST. PAUL, MN | Moisture is a dangerous enemy to sensitive components such as circuit boards, optical devices, electronics, and items in museum storage. Mildew, mold, rust, and an overall decrease in product efficacy are all common effects of moisture, costing millions in returned or unusable products each year. Desicorr Pouches NW from Cortec Corp. help prevent this damage by absorbing the moisture that builds up inside packaging.

Desicorr is a specially designed desiccant pouch that comes in a windowed or windowless form. The windowed version contains indicator spheres that change color from yellow to green to show when the desiccant is fully spent. This is important to know so that further desiccant protection can be added when needed. The desiccant can be reused if heated to release the moisture previously captured. For those more concerned about maximum desiccant action efficiency, Desicorr Pouches NW (No Window), replace the windowed portion of the package with a breathable membrane, allowing the desiccant to absorb moisture more quickly through both sides of the pouch.

Desicorr Pouches NW are designed to protect goods within a sealed moisture barrier package. They are easy to insert manually or automatically—no degreasing or cleaning of parts required. The optimal number for use may vary depending on shipping conditions and the nature of the products being protected.

Successful usages include semiconductors; electronics components; circuit boards; relays, communication devices; museum storage; optical devices; military instruments; and machine parts.

Desicorr Pouches NW are commercially equivalent to MIL-D- 3464E, Type I & Type II. They come in several unit sizes for a maximum single pouch protection volume of 1.5 ft3 (42 L) with 23.1- gram moisture absorption capacity at 77°F, 75% relative humidity.

Whether the main concern is efficient absorption or knowing when to recharge or replace a pouch, Cortec’s handy Desicorr Pouches NW perform the critical action of wicking away moisture to protect sensitive components from damage and failure.


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