Uflex 3D Packaging Is a Head Turner

NOIDA, INDIA | Uflex offers new Three Dimensional Packaging for rice in which the front, back, and bottom laminates comprise a three-layered matte BOPP/MET PET/poly structure with a premium matte finish and side gussets made of PET/PET/transparent poly. Furthermore. the side gusset comes fitted with a handle, further spelling immense ease of carrying for the end-user.

The transparent side gussets allow the consumers to see the product packed inside. The matte finish further adds to the panache enabling the pack to rise above the clutter on the shelf. The shape of the pack has been designed for optimizing space utilization on the expensive retail shelf.

The erstwhile options of thick tasselled thread (dori handles) and D-Punch handles are quite inconvenient for consumers buying heavy packs at retail outlets. This pain point led the engineers at Uflex to design this innovative 3D packaging.

The functionality of the pack does not end there. The front face of the pack comes equipped with a slide to close (STC) re-closable zipper that allows easy access to the product packed inside with infallible seal integrity for deferred use keeping the aroma and flavor of the premium basmati rice intact. It is advisable to store rice in the pack itself for best results throughout the recommended shelf life. The superior matte finish further imparts a ravishing look to the pack placed on the kitchen rack. All the five sides of the pack provide unmatched branding opportunities further enunciating top of the mind recall.


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