St. Johns Packaging Installs Kluge ComFold

ST.CROIX FALLS, WI | St. Johns Packaging, Montreal, QC, has recently installed a Kluge ComFold for production of custom pouch/bag folding in its Greensboro, NC plant. This standalone system will create the bottom fold on film laminated bags.

Kluge ComFold

Since 1954, St. Johns Packaging has been a family-owned business headquartered in Canada. St. Johns expanded its facilities in recent years, opening a Greenfield plant in China (2007) and acquiring North State Flexibles in Greensboro, NC (2009). Its main product is the manufacture of flexible packaging in the form of laminate bags and pouches with an emphasis on the pet food industry at the Greensboro plant.

The addition of a bottom fold to a laminate bag converts it from a pinch bottom bag to one that has a fifth panel. The flat bottom creates a surface for printed branding that is visible to consumers when the bags are stacked. The fifth panel is also applied to smaller bags allowing them to stand upright on the store shelf.

"Putting a bottom fold on our laminated bags and pouches allows us to offer our customers a different kind of package and allows us to compete with multiwall bags," said Tim Mages, general manager at the Greensboro plant. "Adding a Kluge bag folder to our asset base has allowed us to provide a more complete portfolio and an expanded product offering in the very competitive business of pet food marketing."

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