PECO Introduces New Bag Machine

FAIRFIELD, NJ |  PECO Inc. introduces the second generation of the high-speed FAS bag sealer and perforator, the model QBX2, to the North American market. FAS Converting Machinery AB, known for its coreless winders, has delivered many of its B series bag machines since the 1980s. The QBX2 bag machine represents its latest model and contains industry-leading technology developed over time by the FAS R&D department. In North America, there are currently two installations with the processors reaping the many benefits of the QBX2.

PECO QBX2 bag machine

FAS is achieving line speeds of 600 ft/min on the QBX2 bag machine due to its integrated design approach, which includes longer dwell times, improved tension control, and seal cooling.

Like all FAS bag machines, the QBX2 features a uniquely flexible sealing system that uses proprietary seal bars whose temperatures can be pulsed or operated in a constant heat mode, depending on the material requirements and sealing characteristics of any given film being converted.

FAS offers a sealing system that applies heat and pressure to both sides of the web, instead of just from the top of the web. The shorter dwell times required of this sealing system result in a wider array of films that can be processed, at higher line speeds and lower scrap rates.

The QBX2 employs state of the art multi axis servo drive technology to precisely control the web tension in the sealing section of the bag machine. The web is sealed and cooled in a relaxed (zero tension) state for optimum seal quality across a broad spectrum of film structures and thicknesses while maximizing line speed.

Often, seal quality is the limiting factor in a bag machine’s line speed. The QBX2 uses a unique proprietary cooling drum downstream of the seal bars to quench the seals while the film is still relaxed, contributing to the higher line speed capability of the machine.

On any bag on roll machinery, the film that is present between the seal and perforation (the “skirt”) is wasted material that is given away. The QBX2 enables the operator to adjust the skirt length, thus minimizing the amount of wasted film, increasing the system’s yield.

  • The QBX2 has a sealing width of 1100 mm
  • Bag lengths possible range from 24* – 66 in. (*minimum bag length can be reduced to 12 in. by adding a second set of seal bars)
  • Line speeds are possible up to 600 ft/min
  • Cycle speeds of up to 400/min are possible

Like all FAS products, the QBX2 is designed to operate in line with a blown film extrusion line for 24/7 production, as well as use in out of line systems, if desired. The operator interface panel features a full color touch screen with multi-language and recipe storage capabilities. The system’s winder controls also feature a self-diagnosing fault detecting feature.

PECO, in conjunction with parent company FAS has developed a comprehensive maintenance program for the QBX2. This program illustrates and documents periodic routine maintenance procedures to insure optimal productivity and output from the bag machine while minimizing downtime. This program is available in an electronic version that can be installed in the bag machine control system that alerts and reminds operators of routine maintenance intervals, and potential problem areas as faults arise.

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