Ampac Packages Are Recognized with Awards


CINCINNATI, OH | Ampac reports it has recently won several awards for its packaging. 

The company received the PAC Leadership Award from the Packaging Assn. of  Canada for the No.2 Pouch Savvy Green Eco Clean Laundry Detergent. This award highlights packages that show technical packaging design and sustainability. 

The Manny Awards recognized Ampac with a New Product Development and Innovation Award as a manufacturing company demonstrating innovations and best practices.

A Flexographic Technical Assn. Award was given to Ampac’s paper shopping bag for p.s. Aeropostale in recognition of the excellent flexographic printing displayed on the bag. Judging criteria included level of execution and degree of difficulty concerning flexo.

Graphic Design USA bestowed two American Packaging Design Awards on Ampac for the Savvy Green Eco Clean Laundry Detergent pouch and Campbell’s Skillet pouch. Both awards recognized the packages for being visually attractive and featuring designs that advance the brand and forge an emotional connection with the purchaser based on the award criteria. 

The Campbell’s Skillet pouch was named “Package of the Year” by Food and Beverage Packaging Magazine. The package uses a new format, a shaped stand-up pouch, in a category that is traditionally packaged in glass jars or aluminum cans. The stand-up pouch is rotogravure-printed and utilizes a pattern matte varnish to highlight the graphics and a non-rocking bottom for enhanced shelf appeal.

Ampac marketing director Dave Bartish says, “Ampac is proud to see that our work in innovating new ideas, making advancements in printing and pouchmaking, and using our imagination and know-how to lead industry change is paying off. We are pleased to be recognized for the work invested in these leading brands.”

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