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Cosmo Films Offers Film for Cement Bags

DELHI, INDIA | Cosmo Films, a manufacturer of specialty BOPP films, reports the launch of a special BOPP film said to enhance moisture resistance of cement bags. This film is used for laminating block bottom cement bags made of woven PP material.

Company says the Indian cement industry has been struggling with a sizeable spoilage of total cement packed due to moisture and associated lump formation, adding that the new BOPP film not only provides additional protection to the contents inside by adding moisture barrier but also enhances the quality of the print, making it more appealing for the consumer. Being a 100% polyolefin structure, it is environment friendly and further enhances the reusability of the bag.

The polypropylene-based film reportedly bonds well with the woven PP fabric and also takes micro-perforation/nano embossing well. The laminated bag is said to have excellent heat seal and hot tack properties and to display excellent machinability. Apart from the cement bags and other building materials, these laminated bags can be used to pack staples such as rice, flour, and sugar, as well as pet foods, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Cosmo CEO Pankaj Poddar says, “India is the world’s second largest cement producer after China with production estimates of approx 300 million tonnes/annum with production figures estimated to reach 407 million tonnes p.a by FY17. With only 15 percent of the cement being packed in block bottom bags, there is a huge potential in converting these bags into laminated ones and upgrading the traditional PP stitched bags as well. Laminated bags have already done well in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and consumption is already on the rise in the Indian market.”

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