Mamata Machines Make Zipper Poly Bags

MONTGOMERY, IL | Mamata offers machines to produce zipper poly bags with options from 120 bags/min to 250 bags/min and the capability of bags from 50–800 mm in width.

Company says machines provide consistent infeed and outfeed of the film due to excellent web tension control from unwind section to the sealing section, giving full control on process at different stage of making zipper bags. Rigid mounting of seal head reportedly avoids any vibration and performs clean vibration-free seal resulting in clear seal and cut operation even at high speeds.

Design of seal base allows system to generate required pressure to cut the zippers at high speeds. Due to excellent web tension control as well as film edge control on unwind and in intermittent path, the actual output of the machine reportedly becomes less sensitive to the quality and type of film. Therefore, wicketer can handle difficult films also with equal ease and average output is higher.

On a 225-mm (9-in.) draw length, the machine runs at 230–240 bags/min. In segment of zipper bags on side seal machines and universal Machines, a 225-mm and 280-mm (11-in.) draw runs at 120 bags/min and 200 bags/min. According to company, savings on cost of conversion will be in the range of 50–75% straight, depending on location.

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Total Converting Solutions from Mamata

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