RISI Issues Study on Sack Kraft and Wrapping Paper


BOSTON, MA | RISI, provider of information for the global forest products industry, has issued a new study declaring that—despite declining demand for sack kraft and wrapping paper in many developed countries—global demand is expected to increase by 504,000 tonnes in 2014.

World Sack Kraft and Wrapping Paper Study explores how sack kraft and wrapping paper capacity expansions in emerging countries will impact international trade dynamics.

"Chinese net imports of unbleached sack kraft have increased dramatically over the past decade from just 10,000 tonnes in 2005 to 48,000 tonnes in 2012–2013,” says the report. Although China has maintained a growing domestic supply, it will continue to rely on foreign imports for high quality virgin kraft papers produced in Western Europe. Ken Waghorne, VP of Packaging Papers at RISI, says, “We also anticipate that demand growth in India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Taiwan will exceed China's 3.2% growth rate over the next five years."

Included in the study:

• Demand forecast for all major producing and consuming countries

• Breakdown of top global producers for bleached/unbleached sack and wrapping

• Regional capacity and production overview including a list of major projects

• Critical information on emerging trends in global wrapping and sack consumption

• Details on the global trade balance and major exporting countries

• Historical data from 2002–2012, preliminary estimates for 2013, and five-year forecast through 2018

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