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Graymills Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Chicago, Il | Graymills, a manufacturer of coolant pumps and pumping systems, recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. The family-owned business, which

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Spartanics Tag Teams with EFI's Jetrion at Open House ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | Spartanics teamed with EFI's Jetrion June 24-25 at an open house it hosted

What's New Products Narrow Web & Label

Web Guide for High Tension The RDG-5 web guide is said to be well suited for higher tension applications such as business forms or other strong webs run

Label Feats & Wonders

With six halls and more than 650 exhibitors, Labelexpo Europe 2009 has been dubbed The Greatest Label Show on Earth. It's a bold claim, but the industry's

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Heidelberg Hosts Odyssey Attendees at Demo Center KENNESAW, GA | Heidelberg USA hosted an open house at its Print Media Demonstration Center (PMDC) on


Range of Folder/Gluers Offered Folder/gluer lines include the Masterfold range said to be fast, productive, and versatile; the Expertfold range (pictured),

Razor's Edgy Package

Colbert Packaging Corp., a manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid paper boxes, and paperboard specialty products, is celebrating its 50th anniversary

Breaking Barriers

Inkjet presses account for just 1% of all press installations in the US, but at least 10% of all new press sales incorporate the obviously growing technology.

Seeing Clearly

Recession! What recession? As one of the world's leading manufacturers of solar control window film, Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc. (CLC) makes,

Packed PRINT

PackPrint makes its global debut at PRINT 09 when the every-four-year show returns to McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, September 11-16. Located in the South

The Bag Cycle

On a recent visit to the neighborhood Target, I spotted something I hadn't seen before. Archer Farms, Target's private label, packages its potato chips

Focus on Quality

It's no secret exhibitions and conferences have experienced a trend toward a more compact size. The Converting Machinery/Materials Conference and Exposition


Pouch Machine Saves Scrap The 750 servo pouch machine uses a single web of film to produce two-up, stand-up resealable pouches. Uses less scrap than multiple

Experience Speaks: John Felinski

President/CEO of Filmquest Group Inc. Recommending | Free to Choose by Milton Friedman; The Art of War by Sun Tsu; and Nicolo Machiavelli's The Prince.

Charter Films Ups Coex Capacity

Superior, WI | Charter Films' new Windmoeller & Hoelscher coextrusion line, installed December 2008, is now fully operational.

Where Were You?

An 800-pound gorilla is in the room, and it's time to ask why it's there. I may be figuratively burying myself for asking this, but why didn't you come to CMM?

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Flexo Concepts, Plymouth, MA, has donated a MicroClean Model 48 unit to the press demo center at Mark Andy

Playing the Wrinkle Blame Game

Imagine you are an unwind operator. You unwrap the next roll of input material, splice it into the machine, and hit the run button. Then you see them

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User-Definable Printhead The multi-option 760 printhead is based on company's patented multi-pulse greyscale technology. It is user-definable and delivers

Gravure Versus Flexo Printing-Part 1

Gravure and flexo, two primary printing processes, continue to compete head to head in the packaging market segment. Both have strengths and weaknesses,

Digital Pay Off

Tapecon describes itself as a leader in providing superior quality custom decals, labels, and printed electronics. To ensure a comfortable lead in the

How To Prevent Winding Roll Sparks

News Clips - July 2009

Printing Industries of America, Pittsburgh, PA, has revitalized its website at www.printing.org. GEW Inc., North Royalton, OH, donated a seven-lamp ECP

ISO Poly Adds Two W&H Film Lines

Lincoln, RI | ISO Poly Films, a Sigma Plastics Group co. located in Gray Court, SC, has added two Varex blown film extrusion lines from Windmoeller &

Home Grown

Tony Trajkovich, president and CEO of Protect-all Inc., says the custom film converter, founded in 1990, actually was fortunate that its first piece of

PTI To Produce Small Quantity Prototypes

Holland, OH | Plastic Technologies Inc. (PTI) has the ability to produce small quantity extrusion prototypes for multilayer cast film and sheet products

Double-Duty Packages

Innovation and sustainability are the key features of package designs winning recognition from DuPont in its annual Packaging Awards competition.

PFE Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary

Orange, MA | PFE Rolls, founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of precision rollers, is celebrating its 25th year in business. The company formerly was known

Crime Stoppers

Protecting branded products from counterfeiters is a fast-developing market that offers opportunities for converters. Are you getting your share of this high-value business?

Recycling Program for Tyvek Launched

Wilmington, DE | DuPont Nonwovens and Waste Management, Houston, TX, have launched a national mail-in recycling program to capture envelopes and other

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