Two-Roll Heated Laminator with Unwind/Rewind

Independent Machine Co.'s laminating system with adjustable gap meter will laminate up to six layers of melt blown nonwoven, edge trim, and rewind the laminated filter material to maximum 700 mm diameter roll. The six-station unwind section accommodates 270 mm-650 mm wide x 600 mm diameter rolls mounted on cantilevered air shafts. Individual unwind tension is controlled through an ultrasonic diameter measurement feedback system.

The heated laminator accommodates two 250 mm diameter x 750 mm face rolls mounted in precision roller bearings. The top cotton or denim filled roll has a ground finish. The bottom chrome plated steel roll is oil heated to 275 degrees F with a helically grooved inner fluid path for temperature uniformity across the roll face.

Hydraulic laminating pressure to 1,100 PLI is applied at the bearing housings by hydraulic cylinders. Precise laminating pressure is regulated and maintained by a hydraulic pump with pressure gauge. A gap adjustment assembly at each side with a 0.001-inch indicator readout provides the necessary metering control required for laminating delicate materials.

The rewind unit with edge will operate in follower mode with the main speed reference laminator. The rewind has a cantilevered air shaft driven by an AC flux vector drive following the laminator drive speed reference. The rewind will accommodate a maximum 600 mm wide trimmed web up to 700 mm diameter. Rewind roll diameter is continually measured and adjusts the follower drive speed to maintain the programmed rewind torque proportional to diameter for adjustable taper tension winding. See

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