Appalachian State University Dedicates Katherine Harper Hall


BOONE, NC—In April, Appalachian State University dedicated Katherine Harper Hall, named for Katherine Harper of Charlotte, co-founder of Harper Corp. of America and long time champion of flexography education. In her honor, Mrs. Harper's husband, Ron, made a generous gift to the university through the Appalachian State University Foundation. For nearly two decades, both Ron and Katherine Harper have involved themselves deeply in the education and training of future flexographers at the high school and college levels through the Foundation of FTA and the Phoenix Challenge Foundation.

Katherine Harper Hall, located at 937 Rivers Street, houses the majority of the Department of Technology's academic programs and administrative offices. The gift supports the university's flexography education program, the Katherine Harper Scholarship Endowment for scholarships for Harper Corp. employees and their children, as well as others needing financial assistance. The gift also supports the other needs of the Department of Technology. See

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