Back to School for Web Handling


ROSEMONT, IL—Maxcess University’s Conference Week program has lofty objectives. The Apr. 16–20 event that PFFC attended at the Hyatt Hotel covered the fundamentals of web guiding, tension control, slitting, and winding in a university-style format that combined lecture, video, and hands-on application of web handling techniques in a lab setting. Maxcess Intl., Oklahoma City, OK, ultimately plans to have its program accredited to award continuing education units through the Intl. Assn. for Continuing Education and Training (, which is known for its rigorous standards. So the training students receive at any of the company’s week-long conferences is nothing short of meticulously thorough. Presented in a casual learning setting, the educational series allows registrants in-depth, hands-on training with ample opportunity to address specific questions and compare on-the-job experiences. Industry experts from Fife, MAGPOWR, and Tidland (all companies of Maxcess Intl. based in Oklahoma City, OK, although guest speakers frequently participate) shared their expertise with 28 students from a variety of converting segments to demonstrate the basics of web handling. Day one addressed web tension basics and control theory; day two covered the principles of winding; day three tackled web guiding fundamentals, selection of web sensors and controllers as well as troubleshooting techniques for web guides, including the Maintenance Worker’s Guide; day four handled slitting methods and variables; and day five allowed students to apply learned techniques in a lab setting.

The next Maxcess University Conference Week (check schedules at intends to incorporate a plant tour as well as further process information. E-seminars are also regularly scheduled and listed on the company website as well as on

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