RFID Smart Labels Conference and Exhibition


IDTechEx's Smart Labels USA 2007 will take place February 21-22 in Boston, MA, and will provide market coverage of RFID successes, ROI, and state-of-the-art technologies. Smart Labels USA 2007 will be comprised of a conference featuring insight from RFID adopters and experts, and an exbition of technologies. Attendees will recieve access to 2,300 RFID case studies; access to interactive analyst Webinars (December 1, Cumulative RFID Sales; January 5, RFID Forecasts 2007-2010; and February 2, Lessons Learned from 2,500 RFID Case Studies); expert-led masterclasses on RFID technologies, how to manufacture RFID, implementing RFID, and printed electronics; an RFID investment summit; access to RFID Analyst research; free consulting, a free RFID in Action case study report; and a gala networking dinner. To register or for more information, visit smartlabelsusa.com.

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