Wayne Machine Delivers New Extrusion Film Technology


TOTOWA, NJ—Wayne Machine & Die Co. has designed, built, and sold a combination five-layer Yellow Jacket laboratory blown and cast film line to the Advanced and Applied Polymer Processing Institute (AAPPI) in Danville, VA. The system is based on the new Yellow Jacket die technology that is capable of producing five-layer blown and cast plastic film in A-B-C-B-A and other configurations.

The line can process polyolefins such as LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE; barrier materials such as EVOH; and adhesives for tie layer applications. It is said to be ideal for rapid development of multi-layer structures for subsequent testing while using small amounts of raw material, utilizing five-layer blown film stack-type die and a five-layer feedblock and cast film die. The line consists of three one-inch 24:1 Yellow Jacket extruders, dies, blown film takeoff, cast film takeoff, and torque-controlled winder. It is capable of up to 12-inch layflat blown film and eight-inch-wide cast film.

Full instrumentation, including digital auto-tune temperature controls, melt pressure indicators, and melt temperature indicators, are part of each extruder. The line includes a PC-based data acquisition system that interfaces to each extruder control panel and to record process parameters for statistical analysis, create trending plots, and perform recipe storage.

To learn more, visit waynemachine.com.

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