New Book on Coating and Drying Defects


Coating and Drying Defects: Troubleshooting Operating Problems, 2nd ed., by Edgar B. Gutoff and Edward D. Cohen, provides manufacturing and quality control personnel, equipment operators and supervisors, and plant engineers and scientists with the full complement of proven tools and techniques for detecting, defining, and eliminating coating defects and operating problems, and for ensuring they do not recur. The second edition:

  • Describes all major processes for coating and drying of continuous film on sheets or webs.
  • Covers technologies that have been recently developed to prevent defect formation and improve operating procedures.
  • Provides a rational framework within which to asses and analyze virtually any defect that may arise.
  • Offers step-by-step guidelines for conducting every phase of the troubleshooting process, including defect prevention.
It is available for $115.

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