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Measure Speed and Length
Beta LaserMike, Dayton, OH; 770/853-4677;
The LaserSpeed 9000 noncontact measurement gauge uses Laser Doppler Velocimetry technology to measure the speed and length of any moving product or surface to an accuracy of ±0.05% or better. Other benefits include bi-directional measurement; no slippage; no marking of the product; and permanent calibration. Visit booth 2056.

See Register Marks Clearly
J.M. Heaford Ltd., Cheshire, England; +44 (0)161 928 569;
A “through-the-lens” target illumination system features a small circle of LED light projected onto the cylinder from each camera. This provides a prepositioning guide and reportedly improves the image clarity of the register marks on the plate, resulting in faster and easier mounting. Visit booth 5900.

Simplify Loading and Unloading
Double E Co., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099;
The DRS-4000 differential rewind shaft simplifies loading and unloading, company says, and accommodates narrow slit widths down to 1?2 in. Said to overcome load capacity issues and offer good core gripping performance. Visit booth 200.

Ink Offers Press Stability
Water Ink Technologies, Lincolnton, NC; 800/426-4657;
Optifilm is a low-viscosity, water-based film ink said to have excellent press stability and high strength. Is versatile and easy to use, company adds. Visit booth 1011.

Coatings Provide Robust Cure
Dow Corning Corp., Midland, MI; 989/496-6000;
The Syl-Off Advantage Series is a line of low-platinum, solvent-free coatings said to provide high line speeds; reliable, robust cure; and low misting. Visit booth 3511.

Beat Dry Air Problems
Husson, Sturtevant, WI; 262/884-4669;
The ML Princess 3 high-pressure humidification unit is said to increase productivity and solve static electricity and production problems associated with dry air. Visit booth 1049.

Laser Engrave Plates and Sleeves
Carey Color, Sharon Center, OH; 330/239-1835;
Offers direct digital laser engraving of flexo and embossing (2D and 3D) plates and continuous sleeves, dry offset, and rotary letterpress plates. Visit booth 3600.

New RFID Features Offered
Schober USA, Cincinnati, OH; 513/489-7393;
The Smart Tag and Ticket Processor (STP) machine incorporates company’s second-generation RFID technology with the ability to read UF, UHF, and EPC GEN 2 tags. Said to be suited for contactless readable tickets. Features a redesigned tag dispenser with web tensioning and greater information-gathering capabilities. Visit booth 5529.

Verify Labels and Leaflets
Rotoflex Intl., Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/670-8700;
The Model HTI is a computer-controlled, bi-directional processing machine for the verification and certification of products such as labels and leaflets. Visit booth 329.

UV Topcoat is Economical
Northwest Coatings, Oak Creek, WI; 414/762-3330;
FT35HG UV flexo topcoat reportedly provides high-end performance properties with general-purpose product economies. Visit booth 3610.

Print Unsupported Films and More
Aquaflex, Duncansville, PA; 814/695-5521;
The ELS Servo for tags and labels is an electronic line shaft servo-driven press that prints at speeds to 750 fpm. Available in 10- and 13-in. web widths, it prints on all standard substrates. Can print unsupported film, enabling label printers to expand their products to include flexible packaging. Visit booth 343.

Combo Press Sets Up Quickly
Nilpeter USA, Cincinnati, OH; 513/489-4400;
The FA4 combination flexo press is fully servo-driven and offers what company says is the latest easy-load sleeve technology. Reportedly enables fast setup with low waste. Visit booth 3105/3205.

Materials offer Flexibility
Spinnaker Coating, Troy, OH; 800/543-9452;
Company offers 40# semi-gloss sheet said to display the flexibility required for tight radius applications and to be well suited for use in pharmaceutical applications. Visit booth 647.

Get Proofs with Portable Unit
RK Print Coat Instruments, Herts, UK; +44 (0)1763 852187;
A new version of the EsiProof is a portable, hand-held unit for the production of solid or half-tone flexo proofs. Said to be economical, unit incorporates a spring arrangement rather than micrometers. Employs a doctor blade on a miniaturized anilox roll, enabling the proofing of fine tones and higher viscosity inks such as those for UV curing. Visit booth 1620.

Press Offers Many Variations
Omet, Lecco, Italy; +39 (0)341 367513;
Electronic version of the Flexy-S narrow web press is fitted with brushless servo motors. Said to offer high quality printing for labels, plastic film, and cardboard boxes (in thicknesses from 11–400 microns). Company says steady register provides seamless print efficiency with minimal material waste. Will run flexo, screen, and hot and cold foil stamping processes in-line. Visit booth 3007.

Analyze Anilox Rolls
The Provident Group, Concord, NH; 603/230-9680;
Company distributes the Troika AniCAM portable camera/microscope that connects to a PC via USB connection. Provides a high-magnification picture of the anilox roll to analyze the condition and measure cell volume. Also measures anilox cell counts, cell opening, wall thickness, and cell wall angle. Visit booth 3519.

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