Smart Lables Europe Spotlights Passive and Active RFID Forecasts and Markets


LONDON, ENGLAND—According to IDTechEx, 1.3 billion RFID tags will be sold in 2006, with 500 million being applied to pallets and cases, over 200 million for contactless smart cards, and the rest in a diverse range of markets. Item level tagging is increasingly taking off with 200 million tags being sold for item level tagging this year. New technologies such as near field UHF tags which work much better around fluids than the typical far field UHF tags are helping the situation. In 2007, IDTechEx forecasts that over 2.2 billion tags will be sold—the start of a steep curve.

RFID Smart Labels Europe will focus on these market verticals covering RFID requirements by different industries, how RFID suppliers can make money from RFID by avoiding the crowd, international perspectives from Americas to East Asia, and cutting-edge technologies.

In parallel to the event, a one-day summit on Active RFID and Real Time Locating Systems will cover suitable applications, return on investment and all the technologies of this quickly growing segment. All conference delegates to RFID Smart Labels Europe can attend this summit free of charge.

IDTechEx analysts will provide overviews of the market, barriers, and successes in each RFID vertical segment prior to you hearing major users in those segments. It focuses on transport, healthcare, pharmaceutical, commerce, retail, and more. Speakers include General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Manchester Airports Group, San Francisco Airport, NHS, the Chinese Government, and more. In addition, all conference delegates receive access to the unique RFID Knowledgebase with 2,000 RFID case studies and over 2,200 company profiles.

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