DataLase Launches Print-and-Apply Labels


WIDNES, CHESHIRE—DataLase launched a new cost-effective label replacement solution for outer case secondary packaging, Datalase CASEMARK. It requires no inks, ribbons, or applicators, is virtually maintenance-free, and reportedly achieves almost 100% production uptime. It delivers a verifiable barcode on-line-ande-direct-to-carton. The non-contact laser imaging process allows for late pack customization to take place at any point in the packaging line and even within the retail chain, resulting in online marketing information and brand and product changes that can be readily updated, eliminating the need for expensive reprints.

CASEMARK is a fully integrated system and replaces the conventional shelf adhesive, thermal transfer printed labels and the large character inkjet printing applied to outer cases. It apply a robust, inert inorganic coating onto the specific label area of the outer case as the packaging is produced. On the final production line, a computer-controlled low-level energy beam emitted from an industrial CO2 marking laser writes the required label data onto the mark area, causing a color change reaction to the coating from white to black.

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