The Package is the Tag


CAMBRIDGE, MA—TAGSYS has introduced it’s The-Package-Is-The-Tag program and its accompanying Gen 2 UHF tag offering, the Adaptive Kernel (AK) family of tags. The concept incorporates two parts: an ultra small, low cost and universal UHF "Kernel" tag and an adaptive antenna that is customized and intrinsically incorporated within the package of the item to be RFID-enabled. This approach to item-level RFID enables the integration of RFID technology into packaging strategies so that RFID becomes a component of the package. It is designed to increase the ability to authenticate and safeguard goods, enable real-time inventory and item visibility, and automate labor-intensive processes in industries such as package goods, fashion and apparel, and courier or luggage tracking.

The antenna allows the tag to become an integral part of the packaging and is fully customizable to customers' packaging shapes, materials and sizes, nature of goods in the packaging, industrial environment, processes organization, reading distances and conditions, privacy requirements, and region of use. Based on TAGSYS' P3: e-Xecute program, the approach has been tested successfully on items such as courier envelopes and boxes, luggage tags, item boxes of various shapes and sizes, and fashion price tags.

Unit prices can be as low as five to eight cents. The tags are currently available to select clients and partners for testing and deployment and will be available for large-volume orders during the second half of 2006. Testing kits also are available upon request.


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