SkyeTek Develops Disposable RFID Reader Module


WESTMINSTER, CO—SkyeTek's Advanced Universal Reader Architecture (AURA) allows companies to embed readers in product lines, en masse, to create new, RFID-enabled applications. Each of the following new AURA-based products can be purchased as a SkyeModule or ReaderWare liscense:

  • M0 is the world’s smallest HF reader module. With support for ISO 15693, it possesses a footprint smaller than a postage stamp. Designed for embedded applications such as consumables authentication, electronics configuration, and equipment configuration.
  • M2 is secure, embeddable HF module with protocol support for ISO 14443 A/B and 15693, and encryption support for Mifare, DES, 3DES, and AES. Based on the AURA HF/UHF Common Blade Family (Compact Flash Type II compliant), the M2 generates high returns on investment (ROI) for applications requiring encrypted reader authentication such as contactless payment, ePedigree, and kiosk/vending management.
  • M9 is the world’s smallest Gen 2/ETSI-compliant UHF reader module and designed for generating high ROI in applications such as handheld readers, label encoders, smart shelves, and smart carts/containers. As a member of the HF/UHF Common Blade Family, the M9 is architecturally capable of near-field, inductive UHF for item level inventory applications.
  • MXH and MXU are antenna multiplexers for HF and UHF, respectively, that both come in four- and eight-port models. Like its reader technology, SkyeTek designs its multiplexers specifically to achieve the cost and space efficiency required in embedded RFID applications.

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