At Labelexpo Americas: Gallus Debuts New Developments on Best-Selling Machines to American Market


ROSEMONT, IL, USA—Gallus reports it is showing the North American narrow web industry its latest developments on its best-selling press models this week at Labelexpo Americas.

According to the OEM, the new "S" class version of the Gallus EM 260/410/510 platform series of flexo presses features sleeve technology for print and anilox cylinder-based equipment as well as direct servo drive. "[This] new S class offers significantly improved productivity and flexibility," adds Gallus.

The OEM says the upgraded press version offers a direct servo-driven hybrid-printing unit, which enables converters to utilize flexo and screen within the same printing unit. "Changeover between the two [print methodologies can be done] without breaking or even touching the web." In addition, says the manufacturer, "Real front loading of both sleeve-based print cylinders and anilox rollers allows improved ergonomics and lower production cost."

The Gallus EM 280
Gallus also showcased what it calls its "popular" EM 280 combination press series at the label show near Chicago this week. At the expo, the OEM is showing the 2005 model of this machine, which features a "new-style" printing head, electrical adjustment of longitudinal register, and touch-screen control. Gallus adds that this is the USA debut of this machine fitted with IST UV curing.

"The new-style printing head contains improved performance features, such as easy exchangeable anilox rolls, an optional disengaged impression cylinder, and an improved inking unit," states the manufacturer.

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