Antimicrobial Is Permanent, Effective, and Safe

PITTSBURGH, PA | Biosafe antimicrobial forms permanent covalent bonds with polymers in plastics and textiles. Tiny loadings of the additive, ranging from 0.1%—1.0%, are claimed sufficient to keep product surfaces clean and protected from damaging microorganisms with efficacy ongoing for the useful life of the product. Claimed suitable for prevention of adaptive or resistant organisms, the additive kills by rupturing the cell wall rather than being metabolized by the organism and interfering with its DNA. Contains no arsenic, heavy metals, polychlorinated phenols, or VOCs. Recommended for use as a powder additive, the compounder RTP Co. is authorized to supply the anitimicrobial in masterbatch form worldwide, but it’s also available in a form for sprays, dips, paints, and coatings. Registered with the US EPA as an antimicrobial agent and is listed with the FDA as a modifier for medical devices. Visit:

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