TAPPI PLACE Trouble Shoots Interactively

An audience of approximately 200 people attended the Interactive Troubleshooting Session at the 2010 PLACE Conference recently held in Albuquerque, NM on April 18—21. Each in the group of international panelists presented real work case studies on how they have used the TAPPI Press book “Roll and Web Defect Terminology” to solve real world troubleshooting problems faced in the web manufacturing and converting industries. Two of these international panelists used interactive web technology to make their presentations. Then an hour panel discussion using TWITTER allowed the audience to interact with the distinguished panel of experts with over 250 years of troubleshooting experience. TAPPI President/CEO, Larry Montague, and TAPPI VP of Operations, Eric Fletty, both attended this session. Montague expressed, “Bringing experts from around the world into a single forum to address conference attendee’s troubleshooting challenges significantly adds value to TAPPI membership. Interactive sessions like this,is what TAPPI is all about!”

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