CMM to Launch Virtual Trade Show

Tulsa, OK | CMM will launch an online virtual trade show in October 2008 that is designed to provide converting professionals worldwide with an interactive online experience they will be able to use from their home or office.

Called CMM Live!, the online trade show will feature virtual booths showcasing the latest products and technologies, conference sessions offering interactive Q, online networking with converters around the world, and a variety of other unique benefits. The virtual event will have many of the same features as CMM Intl., but converting professionals can experience it from their own computers anywhere in the world, without travel or other operational expenses, according to the organization.

MaryBeth DeWitt, CMM eventdDirector, says CMM Live! will allow converting professionals to benefit from staying informed on new products and developments, as well as networking, while still managing their daily workload without getting on a plane or being away from the office for three to five days.

Converting equipment suppliers will also realize several benefits of a virtual event above and beyond a traditional trade show, says DeWitt. These benefits include powerful lead management, real-time interaction via live chats and email exchanges, a live link to website to drive traffic to information on product offerings, and more.

The first annual CMM Live! event will take place from October 14 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., CST. For more information on CMM Live! and CMM Intl., visit

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