Nashua Label Products Label$Dollars Agreement to Deliver Instant Savings to Supermarket Consumers

NASHUA, NH, USA—Nashua Corp. reports it has signed an agreement with Denver, CO-based Label$Dollars Inc., an in-store consumer promotion company. According to Nashua, the agreement enables its label products div. and Label$Dollars to offer consumer products goods (CPG) manufacturers and supermarket retailers' in-store, redeemable coupons for supermarket meat, deli, and bakery products. The label manufacturer/marketer says it also has invested in Label$Dollars in order to achieve joint strategic goals.

"The placement of a cross-merchandised, instantly redeemable coupon on the food package provides an immediate incentive for consumers to make an incremental purchase in the store," states Nashua's press release. "This innovation benefits the consumer, the retailer, and the manufacturer because it revolutionizes the way coupons are distributed. Depending on the label size, there can be as many as six coupons on a roll of labels providing the retailer, the CPG manufacturer, and the consumer multiple product opportunities." Nashua adds that Label$Dollars’ marketing systems are currently patent pending.

Says Andy Greenberg, label product manager at Nashua, "Working with Label$Dollars, we transformed scale labels from a commodity to a value-added product. Currently, coupons or discounts are presented to the shopper either as they leave the store, through the mail, or in newspapers. Now consumers, who already face time pressures, no longer have to clip coupons. Savings to grocery shoppers are immediate. Our solution offers retailers and CPG manufacturers a more cost-effective way to increase sales and build loyalty. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance our partnership with supermarkets.”

Larry Mortimer president of Label$Dollars also weighs in on the newly signed agreement and project: "This delivery system reaches consumers in the high-traffic, perimeter area of the store and attracts shoppers that would not normally use coupons. With this new program, the supermarket retailer receives incremental revenue from the manufacturers for every coupon that is affixed to their specialty department packages. CPG Manufacturers benefit from the incremental purchases of the products featured on the coupons, and consumers receive savings during their normal shopping routine prior to checkout.”

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