DuPont & EarthShell to Accelerate Environmentally Preferred Packages

SANTA BARBARA, CA & WILMINGTON, DE, USA—EarthShell Corp. and DuPont recently announced they have expanded their relationship to accelerate environmentally preferred packaging. According to the companies, the strategic alliance originally was formed in April 2001; the companies say, initially, they will focus on the $1 billion global food-service wraps market. The alliance is said to combine EarthShell's patented composite material technology with DuPont's expertise in materials, development, manufacturing, and marketing, offering "environmentally preferred packaging and systems" to entities in the food-service industry, such as restaurants, fast food establishments, and convenience stores.

The companies report they intend to collaborate closely to identify opportunities that combine EarthShell packaging with DuPont's Biomax® hydro/biodegradable polyester coatings/films technology. According to DuPont, Biomax offers a unique combination of biodegradability and superior barrier properties for better performance over a wider range of applications than is possible with other coatings or films; it's used in such disposable packaging as bowls, plates, cups, and sandwich wraps.

EarthShell says its packaging is manufactured using composite technology that combines inorganics (such as abundantly available limestone) with organics (such as renewable starch). "The products, which are biodegradable in composting environments, combine excellent performance with environmental benefits," reports EarthShell. "And, when compared to traditional food-service packaging materials, EarthShell disposable materials are uniquely cost-competitive."

"We are pleased with the progress of our joint development and see the strategic alliance as the next logical step in our relationship with EarthShell," says David Ferretti, DuPont's global business manager, packaging & industrial polymers. "We have worked with EarthShell for over a year and believe in the unique environmental attributes of their technology and products. At DuPont, we intend to utilize our strong applications-development capabilities and broad market access to expedite the commercialization of these exciting new products."

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