Markzware and I.O. Technologies Partner to Provide Online Education

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA—Markzware and I.O. Technologies recently announced plans for the co-development of a new web-based training program for FlightCheck Professional. According to the companies, I.O. Technologies will provide the subject matter expertise in the general area of preflight processes, and Markzware will supply the expertise on the FlightCheck Professional 5 software functionality.

To be deployed online, the training will utilize I.O. Technologies' ollé learning environment and ollé InfoFind knowledge support system. Explains Markzware CEO Patrick Marchese, "We feel that I.O. Technologies' extensive subject matter expertise in preflight, coupled with our detailed knowledge of FlightCheck, would provide the best training product to our customers."

The online training partner providers say Peter Muir, president of I.O. Technologies and author of Preflight: Avoiding Costly Printout Problems through Proper File Preparation, is the I.O. subject matter expert for the project and will be one of the primary authors of course content. The new training program will be available by the beginning of 2004 and can be accessed via both the Markzware and I.O. Technologies web sites. Visit Markzware at and I.O. Technologies at ollé.com.

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