Advanced Vision Technologies to Focus on Industrial Solutions for Converters at Drupa

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL—Advanced Vision Technology Ltd. (AVT) reports it will focus on industrial solutions at Drupa 2004. The manufacturer of machine-vision, web-inspection systems will exhibit in hall 3, stand F9 and reports it remains committed to developing profit-helping solutions for the packaging, converting, and label printing market via reliable quality assurance and process control, cost-effective installation and rapid return on investment (ROI), operator-friendly technology, and waste reduction.

Among AVT's new features to be lauched at Drupa:

  • PrintFlow & PrintFlow Manager
    PrintFlow is an optional tool to be used in conjunction with any one of AVT's PrintVision automatic web-inspection solutions. The enhanced option features a versatile, standard SQL database platform.
    PrintFlow has been reconfigured to provide comprehensive job information including the ability to study defects by type, frequency, duration, and even view images of the master and defect images. Operators can edit the report, accepting or rejecting detected defects, can print the report, and keep it as a file for further use.

    The new PrintFlow Manager extends the benefits of PrintFlow to print managers (supervisors, quality-assurances managers, production managers, etc.), enabling them to view and process information from the databases on each PrintFlow-equipped PrintVision solution on the site's network. Using PrintFlow Manager, production can be monitored and comparisons made between jobs, job histories, presses, inks, substrates, and other criteria. Reports can be created using all the information from the database(s) to provide both printer and customer with the most useful information.

  • WorkFlow Link
    WorkFlow LInk is an add-on feature that establishes an important link between the press and the rewinder in a PrintVision production environment. WorkFlow Link integrates with PrintFlow and PrintFlow Manager and enables increased control over waste removal from a printed roll while reducing the time of preparing a finished roll.

    Used with a PrintVision system on press, WorkFlow Link will place a mark on the web at pre-determined intervals. These marks can be numbers or bar codes printed in the trim area, on the reverse of the web, or self-adhesive labels that are applied to the web. When the printed roll is delivered to the rewinder, the WorkFlow Link information is sent to the rewinders. A reader on the rewinder ensures the physical web is synchronized with the defect information contained in the roll report—even if sections of the roll have been removed as a part of the quality assurance process.

    Using the markings on the web, WorkFlow Link controls the rewinder, slowing it down and stopping the web at the beginning of the defective area on the splicing table, ready for removal.

  • PrintVision/Helios—Closed Loop
    Label printing is a sector where quality assurance is essential to answer the application requirements. Furthermore the cost of quality is a critical factor in achieving profitability. PrintVision Helios handles quality assurance when installed on finishing equipment and drives the cost of quality down when handling process control on presses by ensuring register, color, eliminating faults, and inspecting die-cutting and matrix removal. However, the demands of the market mean printers require even further assurances that jobs are verified.

    The closed-loop option for PrintVision/Helios is used during make-ready to verify the job in preparation is the correct one and to shorten make-ready time. This is done by comparing online the printed image to a reference that was previously captured or produced, such as an image from a previous run of the same job or information from prepress.

    By automatically tracing and highlighting the differences, the closed-loop capability assist the press operator in verifying the correct job and to get the press into the right settings of register and color quickly.

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