Six Sigma Keeps Intelicoat Technologies on Target

WREXHAM, U.K.—Intelicoat Technologies reports its Runcorn site now is reaping the benefits of its commitment to the Six Sigma methodology for the last five years. According to Intelicoat, it's a global leader in coating paper, plastic film, foil, and other specialty substrates, and the Six Sigma methodology, predominately, "is being used to achieve a significant step improvement in cost reduction by removing variation and, therefore, eliminating waste throughout [the] manufacturing processes."

Intelicoat says it implements a number of Six Sigma projects on an annual basis, which focus on such areas as yield improvement and reduction in product rejects. "Led by four trained blackbelt personnel," explains Intelicoat, "[the Six Sigma program's] techniques are proving highly effective for new product development…. To date, the Runcorn site has generated cash savings of well over one million [U.K. Sterling] pounds through commitment to its Six Sigma programs."

Visit Intelicoat Technologies at To learn more about how US-based converter Pliant Corp. benefits from Six Sigma methodology, check out pffc-online's December 2002 cover story An Uplifting Experience.

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