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Barrier Shines in Metallized Films
Flex America Inc.
, Fort Lee, NJ; 201/969-8333;
Metallized films are said to be engineered to a high degree of barrier and feature optical density ranging from 0.5-3. Substrates including PET, BOPP, CPP, LDPE, and nylon can be metallized to a width of 2,450 mm. Uses include packaging, laminations, insulation ducting, electronic goods packaging, decorative applications, and more.

Fluorescent Inks Suited for Many Printing Processes
UVitec Printing Ink
, Lodi, NJ; 973/778-0737;

Fluorescent UV inks incorporate an exclusive formulation process said to produce strong, vibrant hues. Suited for flexo, rotary screen, offset, and letterpress, the inks are available in an array of colors including a fluorescent pink that can be used as a fifth color in four-color process printing. According to mfr., inks have strong transfer characteristics, good throughcure, excellent roller stability, and high rub resistance.

Paper Has Many Qualities of Film
Contract Converting LLC
, Greenville, WI; 800/734-0990
Co. is a stocking distributor of Prevail paper, said to have the toughness and water resistance of film but able to run through a desktop laser printer unsupported. Available in both 85# and 125#. Product reportedly is easy to convert on-press since it accepts inks well. Also said to be durable and suited for apparel, upholstery, and bedding, as well as for tagging trees and shrubs in the outdoors.

UV Inks Cut Silicone Stacking Problems
Water Ink Technologies Inc.
, Lincolnton, NC; 800/426-4657;
PureScreen UV screen inks offer formulations said to be silicone- and wax-free. Mfr. says inks virtually eliminate problem of “silicone stacking” as printers try to trap other inks on top of standard UV screen inks, giving them the ability to overprint with co.'s UV inks or water-based film inks, while achieving excellent adhesion and fine graphic quality.

Post-Print Corrugated Liner Has Shelf Appeal
MeadWestvaco Corp., Packaging Resources Group
, Stamford, CT; 203/461-7400;
Coated Post Print Liner is a coated, bleached linerboard said to allow corrugated box plants to achieve superior post-print graphic reproduction. Solid-fiber, double-coated C1S paperboard can be roll-fed into corrugators prior to flexo post-printing. Offers brightness of GE 86 and printing surface of Sheffield Smoothness <15 for shelf appeal, co. reports.

Opaque White UV Ink for Combo Printing
Akzo Nobel Inks
, Trelleborg, Sweden; +46 (0) 410 59302;
Uvoscreen II CombiWhite is an opaque white ink for combination UV screen/UV flexo printing on narrow web presses. Said to provide a crisp, solid white base with perfect overprintability with UV flexo. Offers 20% greater opacity than competitors, co. says, and can be run at 60-70 linear mpm.

Pigments Offered in Gold Bronze and Aluminum
Eckart America L.P.
, Painesville, OH; 440/954-7600;
Gold bronze and aluminum pigments for the graphic arts market are available for solvent-based, water-based, and UV formulations, with the flexibility to adapt to local market needs.

Hybrid Inks Provide UV, Offset Benefits
Flint Ink
, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/622-6362;
Gemini hybrid ink system combines offset with UV technology, reportedly allowing printers to achieve sharp wet traps between print stations and utilize minimal UV light for curing. When combined with UV coatings, system is said to offer the gloss and durability of UV ink with easy cleanup of offset ink. Available in four-color, Hexachrome, and Pantone color blends.

Foils Give Deep Feeling
Leonhard Kurz GmbH & Co.
, Fuerth, Germany; +49 (0) 911 71 41-0;
Lenses is a new design range offering a lens-like appearance said to exhibit an exceptional feeling of depth. Diffractive, light-reflecting foils are well suited for packaging, are offered in a variety of colors, and are available as a hot stamping foil and as a laminating foil. Designs can be tailored to small or large surface applications.

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