Nukote Adds Pilot Coater

FRANKLIN, TN The Custom Coating Technologies division of Nukote reports the acquisition of a new pilot coater to help customers develop solutions and

Plying the Trade

With an internationally trained management team, complemented by highly experienced production personnel, Ultra Flex Packaging Corp. often leads in both

Barrier Wanted

Vacuum-coated papers and films are enjoying dynamic growth levels. Brand owners' demands for flexible packaging, label materials, cartons, and cigarette

Melamine Revisited

Barrier-coated flexible packaging, both metallized and clear, is a much-favored choice among brand owners and retailers across the globe today. It offers

Property Control

Coater operability and the applicator's ability to apply coating uniformly as well as physical defects and final coating quality all depend upon the properties

February What's New

Laminate In-Line on Offset Press The Alprinta-V continuously size-variable web offset press now features an in-line laminating station and new matrix

Coating & Laminating Services Directory 2008

Company; Address; Contact; Website Web Type Coating Type Drying/Curing Other Capabilities Available Coating or Laminating Processes and Widths (in.) ISO

2008 Coating/Laminating Special Report

The latest need-to-know information about lamination, vacuum coating, barrier coatings, coating and laminating products and a directory of contract services

Get a Grip: Driving Your Web

In my October 2007 column, In Search of Tension Isolation, I myth-busted the belief that a high traction driven roller can completely isolate one tension

Odorless UV Inks and Coatings

Rhino Performance Products introduces odorless UV inks and coatings.

PFFC Pilot/Lab/Technical Facilities Directory

Is there a problem with your process? Fix it! These technical facilities stand ready to help.

Radiant Energy Inaugurates Pilot Coating Line

Radiant Energy Systems has commissioned a pilot coating line that allows customers to run trials on new processes and materials before scaling up to production equipment.

Two-Roll Heated Laminator with Unwind/Rewind

Independent Machine Co.'s laminating system with adjustable gap meter will laminate up to six layers of melt blown nonwoven, edge trim, and rewind the laminated filter material to maximum 700 mm diameter roll.

InteliCoat Sells Electronic and Engineered Films Business Unit

InteliCoat Technologies has sold its Electronic and Engineered Films (EEF) business unit to Exopack Holding.

4th Ed. AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference Goes to Print

The 4th edition of the AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference will go to print shortly. In addition to updates in the seven existing chapters from the 3rd edition, the latest edition has been expanded with new chapters with information on the vacuum web coating processes.

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