Converters Expo Returns to Green Bay

Converting Influence brings back the annual Converters Expo this March, covering printing, coating, inks, folding, packaging, and much more

Coating Matters | How To Choose a Coating Site

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Converters face a similar paradox when determining how to initiate a new product in the marketplace.

Call for Papers Goes Out from AIMCAL

AIMCAL seeks papers for its 2012 European conferences, with topics including coating, laminating, vacuum coating, slitting, and finishing

Coating Matters | Down-Web Uniformity

Sometimes there is a complex, multivariable solution to a coating defect and sometimes…

Coating Gauge Offered by Guangzhou Amittari Instruments Co.

Measure coating thickness with gauge that meets many international standards, offers automatic substrate recognition, and has a wide measuring range

Primers from Mica Aid in Extrusion Coating PP

Adhesion, which is key in the extrusion coating and laminating of polypropylene, is improved with several new primers from Mica Corp.

CPP Expo 2012 Brings Big Names to the Machinery Floor

Bobst, Mark Andy, Goss, and Cerutti will help CPP Expo's regional event promote package printing, converting, and finishing in Cleveland next spring

Web Lines: Take the Laminator Quiz

How does your laminator rate compared to the ideal design?

Surface Energy Matchmaking

Typically, when you coat a fluid onto a substrate, the fluid flows to the limits of the coating head and provides a solid layer of fluid over the substrate.

UFLEX Expands in Egypt & Poland

NOIDA, INDIA | UFLEX Group will commision an aluminum oxide coater, dubbed ALOX, on October 6 near Cairo, Egypt, where a 12,000 million tons/yr CPP line

Primer Aids Ink Transfer

DigiPrime 6029 HP-approved primer for WS6000 Series Indigo presses is said to produce superior ink transfer, ink adhesion, and rub resistance on embossed

Experience Speaks: Myron Geiser

General Manager of Capri Packaging How did you get into the converting business? Schreiber Foods, a customer-brand dairy company, was challenged with

Coating Matters: Slot Die Coating Fundamentals

Recently, a lot has been asked of coating technology. Products in the printed electronic fields, such as solar panels and battery technology, have pushed

Drives Motors: From Zero to 800

Anticipating a rebound in the worldwide economy, global silicone release manufacturer Mondi decided in mid-2009 to relocate and upgrade a decommissioned

Release Varnish Saves Money

UV flexo release varnish for peel and read booklet labels offers what is said to be a low-cost alternative to conventional cationic chemistry. Reportedly,

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