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WHQuiz Answer #1 - The Right Tension

WebHandlersQuiz1: Tension Control - How do you determine the target web handling tension for a give product in units of force or force per width? Answer...

Tim's Web Lines Blog Starts NOW

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Web Lines column by T.J. Walker. Beginning our second decade, we are moving beyond the monthly column to share web handling process knowledge via this blog. 

Web Lines | Test Your Web Handling Knowledge

Can you pass this 20-question quiz to prove you understand basic principles of web handling?

Web Lines | Blocking in Rolls

Get out of the hockey puck business…

Web Lines | A Rant from Tim Walker

 Why don’t equipment suppliers include a display of the process variable that is critical to running successfully?

Web Lines: Take the Laminator Quiz

How does your laminator rate compared to the ideal design?

Plotting Shear Wrinkles

The combined conditions of when roller misalignment is bad enough to wrinkle a web is a complicated mechanism. You have to combine concepts of roller misalignment, web buckling, and web-to-roller traction

Web Lines: Wrinkling of Foils

In our everyday lives, our main experience with foil likely comes from wrapping a potato in kitchen-grade aluminum foil. Wrinkling thin aluminum foil

Web Lines: Is Wound Roll Pressure Greater Than Tire Pressure?

I'll bet you that your wound roll has more internal pressure than a car tire. To win this bet, I have to prove that internal roll pressure is above 30

Web Lines: Displacement vs Steering | Battle of the Web Guides

Tim Walker Addresses Displacement Guides, Known as Offset Pivot Guides, and Steering Guides that Have Differing Uses for Providing Intermediate Corrections of Laterial Web Position

Do You Want Nips with That? Part 2

No nips, please. To qualify this statement, I just want to get rid of unnecessary nips, especially for preventing slip on tension controlling drive rollers.

Web Lines: Would You Like Nips with That?

No nips, please. I need a button that says this. Every day, dumpsters and truckloads around the converting world are filled with waste generated due to

Web Lines: Limitations of Vacuum Pull Rollers

I love vacuum pull rollers (VPRs). When it comes to driving a web without slipping and scratching or to knowing you have control of the tension differential

Web Lines: Don't Flip Out - It's Just a Web Flip

The first time you see a web flip, you will wonder if you are looking at an M.C. Escher drawing. Escher was famous for his castles where you could walk

Web Lines: Blow Away Your Roller

What can reverse the direction of your web without touching it? What can redirect a web's running angle or inclination with the tension losses of roller

Reflections on Deflection

After reading last month's column, you should have resolved all of your deflecting roller problems. However, the alert web handler is not done with deflection

Web Lines: Q&A on Roller Deflection

Here are five frequently asked questions about roller deflection with my responses. Next month, we'll talk more about deflection, but instead of rollers,

Web Lines: Web Length per Roller Revolution=?

When a roller rotates, how much web does it feed forward per revolution? At first, the answer seems obvious: It feeds forward a length of web equal to

Web Lines: Mission-Detect Nip Variations

How To Detect Nip Variations To Create a Uniform Web Product

Web Lines: How To Control Roller Nips

If you want to compress something, you always have two choices. You can use either one of the following options: Put it in a vise or C-clamp and slowly

Web Lines: Are You Getting the Shaft?

Getting the shaft may sound bad in street lingo, but in winding there are good and bad aspects of whether you want to get the shaft (wind with a shaft

Web Lines: Do You Need an Auto Web Guide?

Does every web process need an automatic web guide? Maybe two? If I was in sales for a web guide supplier, I would say, Of course! and How about three?

Force Is Needed to Shift a Web

When your web isn't where you want it to be, you have two choices: You can be happy where it is, or you can try to move it to where you want it. If you

Web Guiding | Lateral Motion Causes

Where is your web? In the machine direction, hopefully, it is continuously running between your upstream and downstream processes. But where is it laterally?

Web Lines: Your Guide to Web Guiding | Part 1

Web guiding done right is easy to forget. The principles of web guiding are well understood. With good decisions in the design phase of a process and

Web Lines: Pitch & Catch Guiding

If you are like me, you find yourself thinking about spring as a way to cope with long winter days. For many, spring means baseball. A good way to combine

Web Lines: What Is a Tension Zone & How Many Are Needed?

Tension and speed control are the two most fundamental purposes of any web handling system. Speed control is easy for most people to understand, since

What Is the Right Tension?

Of all the questions about web handling, the most-asked question has to be: What is the right web handling tension for my product? This is a great question

Cores | The Foundation of Winding

Where would you prefer to build your next house on swamp land or solid bedrock? This should be an easy question since it's clear a house starts with the

A Torque Devil Is in the Details

In center winders, like the classic Rolling Stones song, you can't always get what you want. Imagine you need to buy a new center-driven winder or unwinder.

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