WebHandlersQuiz #19: Advantages of a Nipped or Gap-Controlled Roller

So we're back to basics, Folks! Can you name three advantages for using a nipped or gap-controlled roller ahead of winding? Here are the answers with concise explanations:

  1. Winding nip and gap rollers at winding will reduce lateral shifting of layer from air escape and winding roll diameter variations.
  2. Winding nip and gap rollers will reduce wrinkles from winding roll diameter variations.
  3. Winding gap rollers provide these first two benefits without the high footprint pressure that can damage some materials.

Winding gap rollers can reduce inter-layer slip in the top layer of a winding roller, discouraging the slip "knot" buckling defects.

Winding nip rollers will reduce entrained air, especially in low porosity product winding, and create a roll that changes less over time.

Winding nip rollers can press down on high diameter bands, creating a more cylindrical wound roll.

More on this topic was covered in an archived Web Lines column that you can research by clicking on Winding Better Rolls, which I covered in June 2003.

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