AccuWeb Edge Detectors Keep Advancing

Company’s patented WideArray edge detector design continues to be enhanced with new technology

Maxcess Sells REM Manufacturing

Slitter/rewinder manufacturer, including all assets, intellectual property, and brand, is now part of Associated Machine Design

Montalvo Launches Open-Loop Tension Control

The TSC Torque Sensing Control System is said to provide a precise, reliable tension reference

Butler Introduces Automatic Film Splicer

The SP3HSL splicer is said to improve line efficiency in consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical shrink sleeve packaging operations

Badger Plug Products Speed Stacking & Palletizing

Cone plugs with cone tip help stack and palletize rolls quickly, stabilizing each slit roll stack as a group by divider sheets

Shurtape Offers Tape for Manufacturing Lines

FP 115 flatback paper tape is engineered for reliable performance in paper roll startup, splicing, and end tabbing

Catbridge Introduces Surface Winder

The 215 heavy-duty surface winder reportedly includes features for saving time and promoting operator safety

Web Lines | Air Bubbles in Your Laminate

Here are 7 solutions when laminate bubbles or uncoated area creates delamination at idler rollers

Badger Plug Bracing Protects Stressed Packages

Notched timbers interlock suspension boards to protect packages that are shipped long distances

AccuWeb Controller Interfaces with BST Sensor

The AccuWeb 4000NET will now control the BST CLS Color Sensor to provide enhanced line guiding

Menges Now Processes Larger Rubber Rollers

Company expands rubber roll curing to handle rollers to 10 meters in length

Steadfast Machinery Offering Core Cutters

Company reports its own brand of core cutters provide precision cuts free of burrs and dust, with simple operation

AirTrim Adds Solutions for Trim Cutting

Trim Cutter Solutions offers what company says is a one-stop resource fro trim cutters and trim removal systems

Adhesives Research Details Splicing Tape

ARclad 0082 is said to offer easy splice detection and to be suited for challenging substrates in high-speed applications

Montalvo Offers New Tension Controller

The Z4-UL utilizes load cell feedback and a number of new features

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