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Canadian-Based KT Holdings Licenses Spooling Technology to Tricon

WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA--Tricon Conversion LLC, Gainesville, GA, USA, recently has been granted license to produce and sell Step-Pac film spools, says Step-Pac inventor and patent-holder, KT Group of Companies. According to KT, the agreement reflects its ongoing interest in the growth of spooling technology and the use of the Step-Pac spools worldwide.

Step-Pac technology winds slit material spirally in one position for several revolutions before it's tranversed one slit-width to the next position, where it's wound for several more revolutions, reports KT. Co. says that compared to traverse-wound spools, Step-Pac spools provide:

  • dense, stable ends ideal for stacking on end and handling;
  • less chance for edge drop-off during winding and unwinding;
  • longer runs, less void space, and more material per spool; and
  • faster run times.

KT is an integrated group of companies with over 50 patents and more than 300 employees in Canada and the US. KT Industries supplies specialty tapes globally to the packaging, graphic arts, and wire and cable industries. KT Industries Inc. provides custom spooling, slitting, and combining services for the personal-care, filtration, medical, and packaging industries. And KT Equipment Intl. Ltd., a custom equipment supplier, specializes in spooling technology and supplies integrated converting lines.

For more information, contact Michael Robbie, marketing manager (by voice) at 204/783-7217 or electronically at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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