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IMS TECHNOLOGIES Slitting and Winding Solutions


IMS TECHNOLOGIES is an international group born from the union of specialized, diversified companies operating in different sectors such as Converting, Packaging and other industries. Over the years, it expanded its portfolio, completed strategic acquisitions and embarked on a path of internationalization. The IMS TECHNOLOGIES name dates back to 2017, when the IMS Deltamatic company was acquired by the Coeclerici Group – a global leader in commodity supplies for the steel and chemical industries – and is aimed at emphasizing the important technical and technological know-how of the company.

The group operates three production facilities in Northern Italy, two in the province of Bergamo – in Calcinate and Seriate – and one in Casale Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria. In 2024, with a first expansion of Calcinate plant, the total production floor turned into 24,000 square meters dedicated to the production and assembly of high-tech machines.

The company consolidates its global presence with commercial and technical assistance offices in Germany, the U.S., China, and soon in India, highlighting IMS TECHNOLOGIES' commitment to providing timely support to customers worldwide.

The Group currently specializes in the production of machinery for slitting materials roll to roll, covering a wide range of applications from paper to aluminum, pressed tobacco to aseptic materials, and from wide-range plastic film to coils of flexible material for household use. Thanks to an extensive portfolio, it can serve both the primary and the converting markets.

What is the competitive advantage that IMS TECHNOLOGIES offers its customers?

The production of machinery for extremely diverse applications requires specific technological expertise, and IMS TECHNOLOGIES excels in precisely this. The company boasts advanced skills in processing heterogeneous materials, allowing it to provide both standard and customized solutions to meet a wide range of needs.

Another key element of IMS TECHNOLOGIES' success lies in its ability to form teams composed of experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is exactly this diversity that contributes to generating innovative perspectives and new approaches in finding solutions for specific challenges and customer needs.

In this way, the company can present a unique and original offering to the market.

Who is the target customer of IMS TECHNOLOGIES?

IMS TECHNOLOGIES caters to a wide range of customers, including large multinational corporations – e.g. film producers or paper mills – seeking a partner capable of managing complex projects on an international scale. The client portfolio of IMS TECHNOLOGIES also encompasses converters with standard needs, showcasing the company's flexibility in meeting a variety of requirements. The ability to develop machines and solutions that can interpret a wide range of requests is undoubtedly one of the distinguishing elements of the company.

What developments does IMS TECHNOLOGIES intend to pursue to intercept the future of the converting market?

For 2024, IMS TECHNOLOGIES has identified India as a crucial first step in its expansion plan, having already established a solid presence through local agents and planning to further intensify it. The initial focus will be on the paper mills sector and the development of the paper business, leveraging the deep experience and accumulated know-how over the years.

Nevertheless, a key element of the strategy is the continuous attention to the film sector, both for primary producers and converters. This sector has already brought significant satisfaction in past years, and IMS TECHNOLOGIES aims to consolidate and expand its presence in this segment.

Another strategic aspect is the development of slitting and rewinding solutions for the nonwoven industry, recognizing the importance and opportunities that this rapidly growing sector offers.

Diversification remains a priority, reflecting the company's long-term vision and its commitment to adapting to market dynamics.

To ensure the success of these initiatives, IMS TECHNOLOGIES will continue to rely on its global network of sales managers and expand its agent network. This proactive approach underscores the company's ongoing efforts to consolidate its global presence and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in various industry sectors.

At last, but not least, IMS TECHNOLOGIES is committed to creating cutting-edge, integrated solutions by actively collaborating with client partners to develop modular standard tools adaptable to specific needs. The focus is on analyzing machine performance through the MAIA industrial platform, based on the cloud. This platform enables users to collect, visualize, and analyze data on machines, providing valuable information for predictive maintenance.

By offering data for predictive maintenance, IMS TECHNOLOGIES contributes to providing a clear overview of production performance, with increasingly precise details on cost management. This approach reflects the Group’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs and challenges of clients in the converting industry through integrated solutions and advanced technologies.


The IMS TECHNOLOGIES Group is an international standard-setter in the engineering and manufacturing of high-tech customized machinery in multiple sectors, including converting, packaging, and other industries.

IMS TECHNOLOGIES, with its long history reaching back to 1851, leverages extensive know-how and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions adhering to the highest standards of productivity, quality, and precision. These innovations are then brought to market through the group's internationally renowned brands.

The group's flagship brands, GOEBEL IMS and LAEM IMS, solidify its status as an international leader in developing converting machinery. GOEBEL IMS is renowned for its comprehensive range of slitter rewinders, un- and rewinders, as well as specialized machines. These cater to manufacturers and converters working with diverse materials such as paper and board, film, alufoil, and nonwoven. Meanwhile, LAEM IMS specializes in slitting and winding machinery tailored for the converting and flexible packaging industries. Noteworthy offerings include dual-shaft and high-productivity turret machines capable of processing a variety of materials.

In essence, IMS TECHNOLOGIES Group stands at the forefront of innovation, perfectly integrating a wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions to its global clientele through its distinguished brands.

Marino Ferrarese

Group Sales, Marketing & Service Director

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