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Mtorres Launches Unwinder/Splicer

NAVARRA, SPAIN | Mtorres announces the Torres-LITE, a new cantilevered unwinder and splicer. Company says that it has historically worked with medium to wide webs (48 in./1,200 mm–110 in./2,800 mm), and now the narrow web market was an obvious next step for growth. The cantilever design is reported to be perfect for narrow web applications to 35 in./900 mm). MTorres partnered with a new OEM for this project and will also be providing a Model TTR turret rewinder for the converting line. 

The Torres-LITE is capable of roll diameters to 72 in./1,850 mm, production speeds to 1,970 fpm (600 mpm), and splice speeds to 1,450 fpm (450 mpm).

For ease of roll loading and splice preparation, each roll stand arm and half of the splice unit slides outside of the machine laterally. It is said to provide a more ergonomic position for the operator as he or she prepares the splice.

Utilizing festoon splicing technology, the unit can provide either a butt splice or an overlap splice with no tail. In this instance, the end user will also be splicing in register at a speed of 820 fpm/250 mpm. Splicing in register is an option available on this and other company splicers.

Company says the compact design makes shipping simple as it can easily fit into a standard 40-ft shipping container, and the design also reduces installation time.

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