MAGPOWR Offers Digital Load Cell Amplifier


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK | Maxcess, supplier of products and services for the web handling industry, announces the release of the Digital Load Cell Amplifier (DLCA) from MAGPOWR. Product is described as a low-cost yet powerful and versatile DIN rail mounted digital amplifier used to multiply a millivolt tension signal to a usable 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 MADC analog output.

The new amplifier features one pushbutton for re-zeroing, programmable filtering of each output, three push buttons for easy setup and calibration, weightless load cell calibration, configurable alarm output, and automatic load cell diagnostics and fault indication.

Company says features combine to make an ideal solution when needing a tension reference to a drive or PLC for displaying or controlling tension.

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