Spartanics New Web Portal Provides Purchasing Guide for Converters


ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, USA — According to Spartanics, its newly expanded web site provides converters and package printers with "a comprehensive guide to high-precision techology for die-cutting, color-matching, automated counting, and finishing applications."

Says the company, "The new site is expected to help package printers gain a better understanding of the niche for high-precision optically registered equipment [thus providing a tool] for better-informed purchasing decisions."

Some of the information available on Spartanics' products on its expanded portal includes:

  • comprehensive guides to die cutting; color inspection; automated counting; automated feeds; and related equipment
  • user manuals
  • library of published articles in five languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese) on a wide variety of topics
  • an index of applications to guide future product line expansions

"The depth and breadth of content on [our newly expanded site] will help any converter make informed decisions about whether and how to add various finishing [pieces of] finishing equipment to his or her operation," explains Spartanics VP of sales and marketing Bob Trkovsky. "Spartanics is committed to, and equipped for, adding to the storehouse of information on this site, such that anyone that wants to stay current on die cutting, color matching, and efficient handling methods for flat stock material should make a note to return to periodically to see what is new and how it can help build [a more profitable] package printing operation."

Learn more about Spartanics at

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