Labeling Markets Sourcebook


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS;AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. has released "Labeling Markets: European Market Study & Sourcebook 2006," a current, comprehensive labeling study. The study presents a market overview and opportunities for labelstock producers, material suppliers, and all companies involved in the product decoration and identification market. It now includes a complete reassessment of the labeling market:

  • Self-adhesive labeling's market position is adjusted, taking into account that VIP segments do not compete as a product decoration alterative, but represent an important labeling segment in themselves.
  • Glue applied labeling and wrap-around glue applied labeling are rationalized under a common definition, providing a higher level of clarity and a better understanding of the market position.
  • Sleeving technologies are segmented according to applications, creating greater transparency in the different sleeving technologies' markets.

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