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Fraser Launches Static Control Device


DEVON, UK | Fraser Anti-Static Techniques announces the NEOS Series, described as an intelligent, reactive static control device. Officially launching at ICE Europe 2015, March 10–12 at the Munich Trade Fair, Germany, product is said to be three times more powerful than existing equipment. 

It works by sampling the electric field of the static charge and then increasing the supply of ions of the opposite polarity until the charge is neutralized. The sampling can be many times a second, so the response is very fast. Company says NEOS has been tested at process speeds of 2000 mpm to ensure it can cope with the increasing speeds in the converting and papermaking industries. It can be programmed to sequence a variety of tests automatically, doing in one day what previously had taken at least a month of manual testing.

Also allows customer to access local and remote monitoring. This displays both the operational status and whether the bar needs to be cleaned. Customer also has the option to switch off the intelligence and use the bars as conventional static eliminators.

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