Coating & Laminating Special Report 2011

Find market data, new technology, toll coating resources, and more in this 2011 special report

Quality Protocols-Quality Assures Security and Covert Markers-Microscopic Markers

Special Report: Pressure-Sensitive Labels Play Major Role in Battle to Protect Branded Products, Provide Opportunities for Converts to Benefit from High-Value Business

Slitting Upgrade: PennPac Expands Slitting Operations

PennPac Co., a flexible packaging film provider and contract slitting company located in Manheim, PA, has installed a high-speed, compact Titan ER610

Slitting Nonwovens: A Slit Decision

While farming, automobile manufacturing, and long-standing baseball rivalries are undeniably Midwest staples, Illinois-based NonWoven Solutions (NWS)

Work More Productively with Your Contract Converter

Saving time and money is always important. Obtaining the best quality of your finished product is always the goal. These tips will improve both your bottom

Blade Coatings: Prolong Blade Life

Very thin surface coatings can be applied to nearly any knife or blade. Almost 20% of slitting customers choose to have an after-market coating applied

Drives Retrofit: More Space, Less Power

Plans to expand slitting capacity at Applied Extrusion Technologies (AET) began last year with the upgrade of an aging 8-m-wide Atlas CW982 AP primary

Slitting Special Report: New Technology Makes the Job Easier & More Precise

PFFC's Slitting Special Report: New Technology Makes the Job Easier & More Precise

Critical Trends

Our 2010 survey of Critical Trends facing converters revealed some remarkable observations gleaned from the responses of 246 qualified participants across

40th Anniversary AIMCAL

Highlights of the decade Visit for the AIMCAL Turns 30 Special Report 2000 Establishes a Technical Advisory Panel 2001 Merges Fall

AIMCAL turns 40!

I have been fortunate to have participated in AIMCAL for much of its lifetime. As an active board member for the past ten years, I have had the privilege

A time to celebrate

When members of the Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators approved a name change at this year's March Management Meeting, the result

Coating & Laminating Special Report Outlines Flex-Pack Market Opportunities

Find market data, new technology, toll coating resources, and more in this 2010 special report

Flex-Pack = Opportunity

With nearly 11% of the North American market for extrusion-coated/laminated materials on a weight basis and 21.5% on an area basis flexible packaging

Technical Report: Thin Coating Challenges

A major trend in the development of new web coated products is the requirement to coat thin, functional coatings on a thin substrate. The advantages of

Paper or Plastic?

Annually, AWA Conferences & Events holds its label release liner seminar prior to the Labelexpo shows in Brussels and Chicago. This year's seminar in


This monthly Face-Off permits a comparison of responses to a total of 30 questions that were posed to four industry segments, including flexible packaging; unprinted rolls and sheets; tapes, labels, and tags; and paperboard products.

Special Report: Chain of Protection - Product Authentication & Brand Security

Counterfeit goods are a leading global business, says AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. Converters play an important crime-stopping role in protecting consumers.

Crime Stoppers

Protecting branded products from counterfeiters is a fast-developing market that offers opportunities for converters. Are you getting your share of this high-value business?

Digital Detection

Online digital authentication uses a direct link between a brand product examiner and a secured computer that automatically performs a “genuine or fake” verdict. This provides an instant warning if fakes are uncovered, enabling brand owners to react rapidly to combat defrauders.

Forensic Packaging

Counterfeiting is far from victimless; it's also nothing new. What is new is its scope and diversity, which is creating parallel markets in many product categories.

Stress & Strain

A properly tensioned web always will lead to better slitting. Good tensioning is important up to, through, and out of the slitting blades. A poorly tensioned

Clean Cut

While converters look for new ways to manage costs, faster job setups are possible as slitting equipment becomes more accurate and efficient.

Extreme Slitting

The ability to slit very narrow widths is all in a day's work for Metlon Corp., which converts finished rolls in widths as small as 0.0078 in.

Critical Trends: 2009 PFFC Survey

The PFFC exclusive annual survey on Critical Trends impacting our industry was eye opening, at the very least. The data Penton Research has gathered since

Critical Trends: 2009 PFFC survey

Contribute to our annual Critical Trends study, which will be published in the June 2009 issue of PFFC. Take the survey!

February 2009 Coating/Laminating Special Report

Find market data, new technology, toll coating resources, and more in this special report.

Printing Partnerships

Product manufacturers today are facing a real battle to ensure that what they deliver to the consumer via the retailer is their genuine branded product

Paper's Pledge

The US Chamber of Commerce reports product counterfeiting costs US companies nearly $250 billion a year in lost revenue. While the problem is far too

Edible Markers

The Holy Grail in agricultural crisis quality management is to have a technology that provides authentication and traceability in situ or in contact with

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