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Metlon Corporation — Maintaining its Edge in the Converting Industry

Metlon Corporation has occupied a unique niche in the converting industry. They provide precision, narrow width slitting and rewinding services to businesses in almost every industry imaginable. 

As Metlon grapples with changes — from technology to the world economy —  a few themes reoccur.  The havoc of the Covid-19 pandemic and the supply chain issues that continue today require Metlon to work more closely with customers and vendors alike. For effective, cost-efficient management, Metlon had already honed its organization system, complete with documentation designed to meet customers’ compliance needs. Communication enables Metlon to be responsive to customers, flexible in production scheduling, and proactive in plant management. Customers receive up to date information on their job status as soon as updates on delays are received from vendors.

While delays in supplies may be beyond the manufacturer’s control, Metlon handles the issue by promptly notifying customers, which allows them to adjust their production scheduling. For example, despite a heavy backlog of jobs and months-long material delays from vendors, Metlon constantly readjusts its schedules as backordered supplies arrive in order to help their customers get back into production.  Often this means sending partial shipments to multiple customers.

At a time when customer product lines are changing and offshore competition is increasing, Metlon’s ability to maintain tight tolerances on the production floor and provide excellent customer service has allowed them to remain an invaluable asset to their customers.

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