Flint Program Certifies Colortek

The FlexoExpert program provides evaluation and training on best platemaking practices

Uflex Announces New PET Film

Direct UV offset printable polyester film reportedly does not require primer or corona treatment for excellent print results

INX Acquires Ink Company in Brazil

Brazilian printing ink manufacturer Creative Industria e Comercio Ltda. Is now part of INX International Ink

Mark Andy Digital Inks UL Certified for Avery Dennison Substrates

The certification supports digitally printed labels for durables, ensuring their quality and reliability

Sensor Films Contracts for Inkjet System

The company receives a NextFlex award to develop an additive manufacturing system for flexible hybrid electronics

Kodak Reports Workflow Updates

PRINERGY Workflow 8 upgrades are said to increase flexibility while lowering cost

Hologram Association Sees Growth

The IHMA believes the continuing need for security devices around the globe will keep holograms in widespread use and drive the technology even further

Sun Automation Has Digital Press for Corrugated

The CorrStream press is now available in a digital version for corrugated converters

CTI Color-Changing Process Meets Many Regs

POWERCAPSULES offer color-changing technology for many plastics applications, including the food industry

Heidelberg Adds Neon Yellow to Digital Press

The Versafire CV digital printing system now can add the bright color for attention-getting packaging as well as for a security feature

NPES and VDMA Continue Collaboration

The associations cooperate in the fields of market research and standards and share information on technological developments in the printing industry

Eaglewood Technologies Has New Anilox Cleaner

The Laserlox anilox cleaning solution is suited for flexible packaging and narrow web applications

Touch7 Adds Soft-Proofing Capability

The Extended Color Gamut system distributed by Color-Logic is said to offer digital printers accurate viewing

Esko Method Helps Companies Meet FDA Regs

The company reports a three-method solution to help companies comply with new FDA rules regarding nutritional facts on labels

TRESU Ink Supply System Said to Aid Print Quality

The F10 iCon ink supply system automates operations, reportedly reducing waste and aiding efficiency and environmental performance

Sun Chemical HD Plates

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