Color-Logic’s New Viewer Makes Special Effects Easy to Proof

WEST CHESTER, OH | Color-Logic has announced the release of the FX-Viewer for visualizing the special effects our Process Metallic Color System is capable of producing using applications from Adobe and Quark.

The FX-Viewer is Mac-based software that allows designers, brands, and printers to visualize company’s Design Suite special effects on a monitor prior to going to press. What is described as a simple-to-use interface will let users view silver ink with CMYK or metallic substrate with white ink plus CMYK. The viewer, combined with system of printer-produced color charts, provides the tools for visualizing on screen company’s proprietary effects prior to proofing or printing.

Customers who order Color-Logic’s Process Metallic Color System before December 28, 2011, will receive seven single seat FX-Viewer licenses when it releases in January 2012.

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