Kodak Plate Now Available in the U.S. and Canada


ROCHESTER, NY—Kodak Thermal Direct non-process printing plate now is commercially available in the United States and Canada. Kodak’s new non-process plate shortens the platemaking cycle, reduces time to press, and increases production throughput possibilities by eliminating traditional plate processing. It features a traditional grained and anodized aluminum substrate, creating a true “drop in” plate product with the familiar look and feel of a pre sensitized aluminum plate. Based on fourth generation thermal technology, THERMAL DIRECT non process plate completely eliminates the need for a processor and chemistry, which saves time and produces more consistent results. In addition, THERMAL DIRECT non process plates are compatible with all popular thermal computer to plate (CTP) imagers and a wide range of inks and fountain solutions. THERMAL DIRECT is capable of producing run lengths of up to 100,000 impressions under standard press conditions and can hold 1% to 98% dots at 200 lines per inch. See kodak.com.

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