Flint Program Certifies Colortek

CHARLOTTE, NC | Flint Group says Colortek, a manufacturer of flexo plates, has decided to participate in Flint FlexoExpert Certification Program. Consisting of three main steps—evaluation and training, implementation, and audit—the program reportedly provides the means by which platemakers can further optimize their workflow processes to make more reliable and consistent plates time and again. With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, Colortek implemented the program and passed the final audit to earn the honor of FlexoExpert Certification of its platemaking process, and in doing so, the company became the first FlexoExpert in the US.

Flint says the certification serves as proof to its customers that the company utilizes best practices in its flexo platemaking, and therefore, customers can count on Colortek to reliably provide superior quality plates.

“The FlexoExpert Certification program fits well within the scope of Colortek’s objective to align our competencies to provide the highest level of consistency and brand awareness through the products and services we provide,” says John Kelly, (https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-kelly-8bba2035) VP Packaging at Colortek. “The customized training and technical support from Flint Group has been outstanding, and we will continue to make use of these standards.”

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