More Companies Opting for Esko’s HD Flexo Certification

 GENT, BELGIUM | Esko announces “exponential” growth in the number of HD Flexo Certified customers, partners, and vendors, with approximately 160 professional flexo users now certified and many more companies currently undergoing the application process.

Esko says that HD Flexo, which it introduced two years ago, has brought a quality level to flexo printing that could previously only be achieved with offset or gravure printing. Suited to label, flexible packaging, and corrugated products, HD Flexo combines 4,000 ppi HD optics with unique screening technologies to take advantage of sharper and more accurate imaging. The result, says Esko, is outstanding print quality with a straightforward plate production process. Users of HD Flexo are also able to achieve the full tonal range of offset, greater run lengths, fewer washing cycles, and improved shadow performance of their prints.

“The certification process requires a great deal of commitment from both suppliers and Esko,” says Jan Buchweitz, senior product manager digital flexo at Esko, “resulting in some very rewarding long-term relationships. It also enables all parties to benefit from offering this leading-edge print solution.”

Following are the nine HD Flexo Certified vendors.

Press vendors:


Gallus Labels

Mark Andy


Ink Suppliers:


Anilox Suppliers:




Tape Suppliers:



"Prior to HD Flexo, selling flexo shrink sleeves against rotogravure was a harder sell—the quality didn't quite match on the more intricate designs," says Sean Keeney, president and CEO, Walle Corp., the first to invest in HD Flexo and the first North American label printer to achieve HD Flexo certification. "Then we saw a huge impact in drop shadows, so we don't have any challenges getting to fine zero and 1 percent dots. Our customers are also realizing the benefits—winning awards for their package reproduction."

Sun Chemical HD Plates

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